• 15 Minute Broccoli Beef Stir Fry

15 Minute Broccoli Beef Stir Fry

15 minute broccoli beef stir fry is truly a busy person’s weeknight meal. Healthier than take out (and hello–cheaper) you can get big, bold flavors on the table in, well, 15.  […]

  • cheesy hash brown casserole

Cheesy hash brown casserole

Even though this picture may not win any photography awards, you’re sure to get plenty of praise for a warm, hearty, cheesy hash brown casserole–simple ingredients make great big flavor.  […]

  • slow cooker apple butter

Slow cooker apple butter

Is it cooler weather, warm food time yet? It’s still warm here, but I can feel it coming and toast slathered in warm cinnamon-rich apple butter is exactly what I want. Take a shortcut with applesauce and use your slow cooker to do all the work. 


  • Natural homemade kitchen cleaner cuts grease and grime like a champ and is safe to use. You can even make it antibacterial!

Natural homemade kitchen cleaner


Natural homemade kitchen cleaner is a wonder of wonders. By using safe ingredients, I don’t have to worry for a second about what I’m using on my kitchen surfaces and I’m still cutting grease and grime like a madwoman.  […]

  • easy tomato pie

Easy tomato pie

So what is an easy tomato pie? One clue: it’s not a pizza. It’s summer. In a pan. Baked in the oven. It’s summer love (I sound like I’ve been watching Grease)–and we’ve got to hurry before the tomatoes are all gone! […]

  • Moist zucchini bread is easier than you think. Simple ingredients turn this garden vegetable into something special.

Moist zucchini bread

Moist zucchini bread is a foolproof mix of nuts, cinnamon and zucchini in a tender loaf–spread it with a little butter and dig in! […]

  • Easy refrigerator dill pickles are truly simple and full of that garlicky, salty goodness you crave. No heating means these stay crispy too--no saggy pickles here!

Easy refrigerator dill pickles

Easy refrigerator dill pickles are truly simple and full of that garlicky, salty goodness you crave. No heating means these stay crispy too–no saggy pickles here! […]

  • simple ice cream sandwich dessert

Ice cream sandwich dessert

A simple layered ice cream sandwich dessert recipe is a must have for your summer get togethers or just a night at home. And because  we use ice cream sandwiches, there’s no softening or spreading gloppy ice cream. It’s basic assembly, some chill time, and a lot of enjoyment. 


  • A spicy chicken roll makes a great main dish. Use store-bought chicken to have dinner on the table even faster.

Spicy chicken roll


In food photography, one of the hardest colors to photograph is brown. And oh look–this spicy chicken roll is brown. Sorry about that. It looks a little scary, but brown isn’t always bad.

At least not in this case.

I have made this dish a couple of times for my family and we all really like it. […]

  • French bread pizza is a simple way to deliver dinner in just minutes. It's one of my favorite crusts to use and it's easy to customize toppings for everyone

French bread pizza


I know what you must think. You think I roam around here in pearls and high heels cooking “fancy food” (that was according to my friend and reader Katie). I oppose both ideas. I’m not fancy. Fancy is honeysuckle infused pear galettes with lavender whipped cream. That’s fancy. 

Trust me, I’m no honeysuckle, and this is […]