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Easy Stromboli Recipe

By |

What’s an easy stromboli anyway? Crusty pizza dough filled with pepperoni, salami, ham and cheese all rolled up and baked until it’s hot and bubbly. Roll Over Beethoven, Roll Tide, Rolls Royce…roll up your stromboli. It may not be the next entry in the urban dictionary, but it will be a hit on your table.  -Make Ahead Friendly- […]

Baked mac and cheese with tomatoes

By |

The best grilled cheese you’ve ever had runs head-long into your tomato soup and BOOM. You get baked mac and cheese with tomatoes. One of the best comfort foods (and the #1 recipe on The Country Contessa) gets yet another transformation into this southern classic.  […]

30-Minute Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

By |

30-minute, almost one pan, hot and cheesy green chile chicken enchiladas you’ll want to roll in. That’s what you have here. Make-ahead and shortcut friendly (a big shout out to rotisserie chicken) makes these even easier and something the entire family can enjoy on a busy weeknight.  […]

The world’s easiest cinnamon rolls

By |

This is a sponsored post for Pepe’s Bakery. I have been compensated, but I absolutely promise that all opinions are my own. First, get out your yeast. Ah! Gotcha! I’m lying. The truth is you only need 5 simple ingredients for these warm, soft world’s easiest cinnamon rolls. So there’s no need to be freaking out over making dough and complicated rising times. It’s just plain old easy and plain old good.  […]

Cinnamon Pumpkin Twists

By |

Pumpkin. Everything. That's the motto of anyone who loves fall and it's time for something a little different. Sure we can do pumpkin cupcakes--those are awesome. Or we can put a spin on things with these crispy cookie-type cinnamon pumpkin twists complete with sweet glaze. (Officially we'll call them cinnamon pumpkin twists.) Either way they make [...]

Fried zucchini cakes

By |

I've tried a lot of fried zucchini cakes in my life. But nothing come close to this recipe. Some I've eaten were just too eggy. Some were bland. Some were just bad. And these are honestly--just perfect. If you don't have a lot of extra zucchini growing these days, you'll be glad to know that [...]

How to thaw frozen meat FAST

By |

You need to make something to eat so you head to the fridge–nothing. Where did that chicken go? Oh yeah. It’s frozen along with pretty much everything else you planned to cook. Now what? Follow these steps and learn how to thaw frozen meat FAST. […]

Light and healthy chicken pesto wraps

By |

I hear you’re watching your waistline a little bit. Well you know what? So do I. And I do it with recipes like theses light and healthy chicken pesto wraps. If you all think for one minute I eat all the food on this blog, you’re nuts (I feed most of it to my husband’s immediate family of 25)–but if you love the occasional indulgence and know life needs a little more moderation, we’ll be good friends. You can find balance! […]

Tangy Broccoli Salad

By |

 Tangy broccoli salad is a classic, and a nice change for your next get together or to add as a side for dinner. It’s literally just chop, mix and serve. Another bonus? The tangy-sweet dressing makes it appealing to even the fussiest broccoli eater.  […]

Gooey Pecan Bars

By |

Get out your cup of coffee because these gooey pecan bars are rich--and a great option for feeding a lot of people when you want to dope them up on sugar and make them go home early for a nap. Then again, they're so good they may stay for more. Make these at your own risk. [...]

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