How to thaw frozen meat FAST

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You need to make something to eat so you head to the fridge–nothing. Where did that chicken go? Oh yeah. It’s frozen along with pretty much everything else you planned to cook. Now what? Follow these steps and learn how to thaw frozen meat FAST. […]

Light and healthy chicken pesto wraps

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I hear you’re watching your waistline a little bit. Well you know what? So do I. And I do it with recipes like theses light and healthy chicken pesto wraps. If you all think for one minute I eat all the food on this blog, you’re nuts (I feed most of it to my husband’s immediate family of 25)–but if you love the occasional indulgence and know life needs a little more moderation, we’ll be good friends. You can find balance! […]

Tangy Broccoli Salad

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 Tangy broccoli salad is a classic, and a nice change for your next get together or to add as a side for dinner. It’s literally just chop, mix and serve. Another bonus? The tangy-sweet dressing makes it appealing to even the fussiest broccoli eater.  […]

Gooey Pecan Bars

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Get out your cup of coffee because these gooey pecan bars are rich--and a great option for feeding a lot of people when you want to dope them up on sugar and make them go home early for a nap. Then again, they're so good they may stay for more. Make these at your own risk. [...]

Skillet Pizza Rolls (your way)

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Are you having trouble with turned up noses and something that sounds like”…..eeewww” coming out of the mouths of your kids (and yes, maybe even someone who’s old enough to drive, or have a job, or retire soon) when you put food on the table? It happens and it can leave you feeling like there’s just no winning. So you give up and take the high road to corn dogs, takeout or Uncrustables. I know what you’re up to over there. And I might just have a way to fix it.  […]

Baked blooming onions

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Having the right appetizer (or okay, light dinner) that doesn’t require lots of prep and chopping can be tricky to find. Little hamburgers, little vegetable trays–they are all great. But today’s baked blooming onions take less than 5 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to bake depending on how many you want to make. Plus you can serve them warm or room temperature with dipping sauce (see recipe notes) and those little petals of sweet bakedness will feed a lot of people without a lot of work. […]

5 ways to grocery shop in 45 minutes or less

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Maybe you love wandering through the grocery store, staring at shelves, trying to decide what to cook only to come home with the same old stuff or (this is the worst) you spent $200 and have absolutely nothing to cook that night. Or maybe you don't like it. Maybe you're like me and hate it. [...]

Cat head biscuits

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Why are these called cat head biscuits? Some highly observant person looked at them and said “Hey. These things are as big as a cat’s head.” What a big observation that was. But the truth is, they really are huge and soft, and pillowy and wonderful. Oh–and easy. You don’t even have to roll these or cut them out. Just mix them up and drop them in the pan.  […]

Loaded Overstuffed Baked Potatoes

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Loaded overstuffed baked potatoes--look at those piles of cheesy filling topped with green onions in a crispy potato shell. They only take 30 minutes and use a great microwave shortcut so you can make these any night of the week or for your next get together.  No I didn't burn the tops of these. Well, [...]

Strawberry angel food lush

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Like my lop-sided strawberry angel food lush? That’s just how this dessert goes. Free-form layers of cake, cream cheese, whipped cream and tangy berries with all the goodness you can want in a spring dessert. Have a potluck or graduation around the corner? Try these in a big 9×13 or individual servings for a special touch.  […]

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