Does dinner at your house looks less like a Hallmark card and more like a ship on the edge of mutiny?

If it does, then welcome to 5 from 1. 

Katie Anderson Benton City, Washington 

5 from 1 is a dream come true for a working mom. As much as I love time in the kitchen, there were days when McDonald’s is the only thing I had time for, until I found this book and Rachel's make-ahead strategies! You can find a range of healthy, hearty meals during the week and comfort food to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. You will love this book!

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Comes 5 from 1 System.  

Discover simple make-ahead strategies that will give you back hours in the evening to do what really needs to get done. 

Enjoy healthy, balanced meals (including sides!) you can feel confident serving as often as you like. 

Customizable menus you can adjust to suit even your picky eaters so everyone can enjoy a meal without stress or drama. 

What's Inside?

  • 15, 30 and 60 minutes meals with minimal prep time
  • Recipes that use everyday ingredients
  • Strategies for making meals one or several days ahead
  • Simple techniques for swapping in your family's favorite ingredients (without ruining the meal!)
  • No fail ways to blend spices and seasonings for big flavor, fast
  • Easy tips to ensure meats are juicy, never dry
  • Recipes that are naturally gluten free or easy to adjust for special diets

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Elizabeth Kirkham Corydon, Indiana

With a new baby at home, I have little time or energy to dream up something new to make every night. This book showed me I don't need a long recipe to make a good meal. Instead of stressing each night, I've learned the foundation techniques and how to change them based on what ingredients I have on hand. Cooking this way has given me confidence and takes so much stress out of my daily dinner preparations.

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Abigail Derringer Berea, Kentucky 

5 from 1 has been a huge hit for my family! As the mother of four small boys, it can be hard to find something everyone will eat, but they gave four enthusiastic thumbs up to our meals!"

The more familiar you are with a dish, the easier, faster and more stress-free it is to make. 

What's your go-to, most familiar recipe? You know the one.  You can make it without a recipe or any directions. It's the meal that takes away all of your stress and makes dinner feel a little less like you want to hide in the pantry.

You desperately wish dinner was that easy every night. But instead you face the same challenges day after frustrating day. No one wants the same food. You're cooking for two and you get tired of leftovers. You're sick of making the same dishes over and over again. 

Now imagine having a simple system that helps you create more than a month's worth of meals from just 5 foundation recipes. Simply change the seasonings and sides and you have a fresh, new meal that feels as familiar as the original but is different enough to get you out of the dinnertime rut. 

That's what happens in 5 from 1: Classic Recipes to Make and Transform 5 Ways. 

And we're not talking about leftovers here either--all fresh meals, all flexible enough to feed your picky family and keep your budget from bursting at the seams. 

Fast Family Favorites

Simple Gluten Free Meals

Homestyle Comfort Food

Plus Desserts, Sheet Pan Suppers and Valuable Bonuses!

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The 5-Week Meal Plan

Week-By-Week Shopping Lists

The 5 from 1 Simple Swaps Cheatsheet